I have used Real Time Pain Relief cream for the last 2 years and it really helps with my sciatic nerve.  I would recommend this product to anybody!

Christy – Shenandoah, Iowa

My right knee was slowly over two years becoming more and more painful on stairs and bending motions. My buddy suggested RTPR, claiming he swore by it. He told me to try it for two weeks, if I wasn’t happy with the results he would buy the ointment from me. So with that money back guarantee, I bought a pump bottle. I was amazed at the results. I’m the skeptical type, but there’s no arguing with results. That was twenty-six months ago, I use it once daily on my knees. Bicycling, treadmill, hiking are all 99% pain free activities. I am a believer. 64 years young customer.

Jim – Lincoln, Nebraska

I had suffered for years with arthritis in both hands and especially my right middle finger I could not stand for anything to touch it. I was at an RV show when a lady offered me a trial within minutes I could almost pound that finger with out it hurting. I just received the foot cream and was having issues with a rash on my leg and nothing would help the burning and itching I tried the foot cream on it and it has improved greatly. Their products are wonderful.

Bonnie – Mableton, Georgia

I shattered my right tibia and fibula in 2012 and have tried so many ointments and medications. Real Time is phenomenal! It really works instantly relieving my pain. I cannot live without it. I wish I had found this back then instead of 2 weeks ago. I have it now and I will not use anything else. Thank you so much for making this product.

Mindy – Bloomfield, Kentucky

I have bone on bone arthritis and I have tried everything from prescription pain killers, to cortisone shots. I got a sample of this at a health fair in Boulder. I walked around for 30 minutes and was amazed how well it worked. I now use it everyday and get mad at myself any day I forget or just do not take the time to apply it. I went from ready to.have.knee replacements in both knees to being able to manage my pain naturally. All I can say is thank you for the amazing products. I am excited to try your new Hemp product.

Susan – Commerce City, Colorado

This product is great. At a recent event show the product representative asked if I’d like to sample, I said yes and she applied a small amount of the Real Time Pain Relief on my thumb/wrist area. What a relief I felt within 1 minute and lasted for a couple of hours. I also bought a small tube of the Real Time Maxx to try , it’s so relieving for my awful arthritis pain in my back, knees, thumbs and feet. I recently purchased a 12oz. Pump of the Maxx and use it daily. I highly recommend these products and will definitely use more. Why suffer in pain when these products are available out there. You’ll spend a lot more on others that don’t relieve as long and keep trying others that also don’t relieve pain. Go for it, worth every cent spent! A++ Ron

Ron – King, North Carolina

My husband has severe neuropathy from his diabetes. We have tried all sorts of products and drugs to help with the pins and needles in his feet and legs. It was such a blessing the day we discovered RTPR foot cream! Every night I massage this into his feet and legs and he is able to sleep through the night . I don’t know what we would do if it was not for your product. Thank you so much!!

Theresa – Meadville, Pennsylvania

Tried it one time at a vendor event on my knee. I was skeptical at first. I walked around with it on and when I was done the pain in my knee from arthritis was gone and I wasn’t limping or feeling pain anymore. I couldn’t believe it. I used it on my back it works instantaneously. I gave it to a friend of mine and he loves it and is interested in becoming a distributor. This product is amazing.

Dena – Davison, Michigan

Nujuvena Face Cream feels great on the face. Refreshing and smooth. Not sticky. Plus, I love the natural only fragrance. I have used it morning and night since I got it and I love it!

Carolyn – Council Bluff, Iowa

I have diabetes and am very careful of what i can use for pain without making my glucose levels rise. Diabetes effects the nervous system, so i started using the foot cream on my feet and i can walk without pain. I developed carpal tunnel in my wrist and had trouble sleeping at night. One night i got up with pain in my wrist, i looked at my jar of foot cream and thought if it can work on my feet why nat my wrist. I rub it all over my wrist and the palm of my hand. Let me tell you i can finally get a full night sleep i feel great now.

Patty – Milford, Delaware
I was as skeptical as some of you as well. As a medical professional, I hadn’t even heard of Real Time Pain Relief. I stubbed a toe quite severely and the swelling caused me to walk differently than normal, which in turn made my knee extremely painful while walking. An ICU nurse commented that he had a product that was good for aches and pains. He gave me some samples, and they worked great!! I ordered some RTPR and the foot cream from him and expected to see him within a few days. That was not the case as we were scheduled at different hospitals, the pain was quite bad for at least a week, before I got a hold of him and my order. But, all I had to do was apply it once and the pain immediately subsided. I have since placed a large order and won’t run out next time. I plan to share my samples with my elderly parents, one with back problems, the other with shoulder issues. Great product!!
David – Lander, Wyoming
I am 36 years old and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2008, and more recently, Osteoarthritis in both my knees. The pain in my knees was so unbearable, that I couldn’t get out of the car, up from a chair, out of bed, or off of the toliet! My doctor tried me on a couple different medications, which didn’t give much relief, including steriod injections, which would only last so long. My mother in law eventually introduced me to RTPR. I read everyone’s testimonials about it, which I was skeptical about. I had nothing to lose. I was willing to try it. I put it on both my knees immediately after I woke up, in the middle of the day, and right before I went to bed. What a difference! This is truly a miracle cream! My husband definitely was skeptical, saying it was all in my head. A hand cream sample came with the package I later ordered. I had him try it, since he has issues with his hand. He immediately said to order him some. So I did. Thank you Real Time Pain Relief! (I also ended up ordering some of the foot cream for my mother in law, to thank her in return!)
Michelle – Englewood, Colorado
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